Welcome to PaintLick Films!

PaintLick films is dedicated to producing films that provide a 21st century setting for timeless themes and stories from classic works of literature (giving them, in other words, a new “lick of paint”). We are committed to making films that explore compelling and important social issues — with a view to shining a light on those issues and enabling change.

Our first film, Waking David, examines the contemporary problems of communication (or lack of it) in a modern suburban family setting.  Ironically, as our means of communicating become more sophisticated, as social media expand, it seems that our ability to have open dialogue with one another has exponentially diminished. Instead we create walls of silence, lies, secrets and deceit — anything to avoid confronting the truth.  Our classical inspiration for this idea was the Norwegian writer Henrik Ibsen, who explored the same themes about the dangers of secrets and lies in many of his plays.  We intend to continue this mission in our future film projects.

At the same time, Kevin Nash, the founder and one of the PaintLick Films creative team, is committed to developing credible and realistic performances for those settings by deep collaboration with actors and actor/writers and by using a unique form of improvisation to create scripts.